Yes, I'm a reader. I own a Kindle 2, but still has dead tree books (DTB) on my shelves. I don't really feel the need to be preferring one over the other since it's not really how you read....just read! For those who want some insight or thoughts on this (IMO) unnecessary debate, here it is.

I love my Kindle. I love the fact that I can read any Amazon Kindle content on almost any device. I love that I can pretty much make my own eBook and "convert" school content to read on my Kindle. I love that I can still highlight, bookmark, and make notes....then share them on those addictive networking websites right from the Kindle device or app. EBooks are generally cheaper than DTBs. In my experience, it's like a "buy 2 get one free" deal. But quite honestly, I've yet to reap the financial benefit of buying a $250 device (at the time). I didn't save that much yet on buying eBooks, but the device is worth the money for my purposes. It definitely saved me the back ache since I have a bunch of usually thick nursing reference books in it, and carry them in my small purse rather than a huge backpack. Also, by going digital, you save trees. Reduce the demand of DTBs, and lower cost to the consumer. Yeah, I guess I'm some kind of hippie/environmentalist.

Yet from what I see, for those who grew up with DTBs, we think there's nothing better than going to the bookstore, seeing all those books all colorful and lined up in shelves. Holding an actual book, being able to really turn the pages and feel the paper. To some, a bookshop or library is like a wet dream. Seeing the amount of information and adventures. The more mass it takes up, the more exciting. (I myself am in the market for a new bookshelf for this purpose.) There's no need to spend more than $100. Reading can cost as low as free. When you're done, you can sell it, trade it, gift it, etc. With digital, you're stuck with it if you buy protected eBooks.

In conclusion, again, it's not about how you read it, it's just about enjoying the content. 

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