Back on the bandwagon. Keep the motivations coming because this time I'm hoping to stay in the path toward losing weight! According to "sources," "you are overweight." Trying not to go to the pricey gym and trying to do workouts and yoga at home. Also, using the wii as my scale and one-stop shop for info such as BMI and calorie check. And after a few consecutive days of body tests, my console says I have lost around 0.7 pounds!

My philosophy on this is not consistency of what I do...but consistency of how much. My main goal is to lose the weight. So far since starting, let's just say it's been days since I've complained of pretty bad back problems and a day of toothaches went away. And not a pill went into my mouth! Well, I just take vitamin/multi supplements in the form of a shake! So far, so good, and I hope to be able to continue this once school starts!
12/23/2009 11:51:59 pm

Good luck with that hun! If you live close to the airport, we can probably go running together or try the gym here it's free! :D

12/24/2009 03:16:09 am

thanks! I live out in ewa, but I could go after class (Windward CC). I've only been doing random at-home stuff so far and I wanna try this running program I pulled online once I have the equipment.
plus, I'm not an army wife yet...waiting on that to get my free/dirt cheap yoga classes. lol!

5/31/2012 03:14:14 am

THX for info


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