About a week and a half ago, we found a ground floor unit in Ewa Beach. We are still organizing our stuff, and it can get overwhelming!! In the process we've found a bunch of junks we need to get rid of. And realized that since we are with child now, I must purge my Mt. TBR since I most likely won't have time to read them all. I'll be posting things to give away or sell on classifieds websites and under the "Store" tab here on the left. I'll most likely be using Craigslist, Bookoo, and Half. 

Baby's responding to stimuli and is getting really strong. I'm guessing this one has the Dad's calves. Responds when I play the Ray LaMontagne radio on Pandora and eat ice cream. :
Baby is starting to move, with a vengeance! Movements now range from fluttering, to karate kicking on my lower portions. Baby is also starting to disturb sleep, startling me with sudden strong kicks and waking me with consistent movement. Active little one, but gets shy when Daddy tries to feel.

What sucks about being on Team Green is use of pronouns. "He"? "She"? We don't like referring to baby as "it." So hard not to just use one or the other. We often catch each other preferring one gender pronoun when we speak. -V