- Marriage - entails new ID's, military spouse, horizontal driver's license with updated info
- Our first apartment - after the first item happens; see link: /moving.html
- Vegas
- Wedding planning
- Graduating with Cert in Practical Nursing

Seems like everything will just fall into place once emil gets home. Looking forward to one-upping some nasty people by miles!

To start off the new year (a few days late though), I've decided to try a weight loss program I found from the Women's Health website. It's a 6-week program that aims to help lose 12 pounds. Done right, I'd be 12 pounds lighter by Valentine's day. The food plan aspect of it seems a little unrealistic for me, since I've yet to master the art of cooking. But looking at the recipes in the program, those shouldn't be too hard to follow. Just a matter of following through. Realistically, if this plan helps me lose 6, or even just break 140, then I